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Flying a seaplane quickly becomes a passion for the one who masters the technique. If in the air, the seaplane behaves like a classic airplane, it is quite different in the other phases of the flight. Indeed, while nothing resembles a take-off runway more than another one, the conditions vary unceasingly with lakes and rivers, in the hollows of our valleys and mountain sides.

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Being able to fly a plane is the dream of many people. Do you wish you could be like Amelia Earhart or Antoine de St-Exupéry, flying like a bird? Your dream is attainable, we can help you make it come true. The recreational license is the fastest way to get there. You will be able to travel with a maximum of one passenger, anywhere in Canada, during the day only.

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If your motivation is to be able to travel anywhere in Canada and even outside of Canada, if you wish to take more than one passenger, this license is for you. It will give you the skills to live your passion for aviation to the fullest. With the acquisition of this license, you will have experienced a little and a lot of navigation as well as having a few hours of instrument flying, simulating involuntary flight entries in bad weather. This license gives you the foundation to obtain qualifications that add strings to your bow, such as night flying, multi-engine and VFR OTT for example. It is also the springboard to becoming a professional pilot and working in aviation.

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To propel yourself into a career in aviation as a pilot, this license is for you. It will allow you to gain more flying experience, in addition to sharpening your techniques and maneuvers in flight. The territory you will fly over will exceed the limits of private pilot training, and you will learn to perform maneuvers reserved for professional pilots. The privileges granted by this license will allow you to work as a pilot to combine passion and profession. It will be up to you to define your project. Is your vision to become an airline pilot, a bush pilot, a parachute pilot, a flight instructor? The options are varied and sometimes the goal is defined during the course of the training. What is important at the beginning is the conviction that you want to make a career as a pilot.

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for a day

This package allows you to take the controls and fly the aircraft with the guidance of a qualified instructor. The adventure begins with a half hour introductory session on the basics of flying and a guided tour of the Cessna 172. Then get ready to fly as a student pilot for a 60-minute flight. The total duration of the Pilote for a day package is 1h45. Your instructor will guide you and ensure your safety. Anyone can do it, even you!


Pilot for a day

Cessna 172


Additionnal passenger

A maximum of 2 passengers can come aboard with no additional fees.

* The above rates do not include taxes

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