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The seaplane qualification opens up a whole new world to you, giving you access to geography that is otherwise difficult or impossible to access. The Laurentian region is an ideal place to operate a seaplane, whether it is for the simple pleasure of flying from lake to lake or for a fishing or hunting trip.

Aero Loisirs trains you on an amphibious Cessna 172. Your training will focus on this type of seaplane with retractable landing gear that allows you to land on a runway and land on the water. The duration and frequency of the flights are tailored to you.

Numerous lakes are accessible (within 15 minutes flight time) for pilot training, suitable for all phases of learning, from initial to advanced skill development. Our wilderness beaches provide unique space and time to recharge between flights. See for yourself the local topography on the satellite map.

If you are interested in seaplane training with or without the intention of having the seaplane class endorsement added to your foreign license, please visit our pilots section.


According to your availability


Recreational pilot’s license or higher



Minimum 7 hours of flight training including a minimum of 5 hours of dual flight with an instructor, and at least 5 landings and 5 solo take-offs as a student pilot. Ref (Transport Canada CAR 421.38)

In practice, the training generally extends over a greater number of hours as the exercises to be seen are numerous and important for your safety. Sometimes, the hours are simply added up at your request for advanced training.

The exercises for the initial seaplane rating:

  • Takeoff and landing with and without wind
  • Take-off and landing with crosswind
  • Take-off and landing on glassy water
  • Take-off and landing with obstacles
  • Circulation on rough and calm water
  • Docking on a dock and on a beach
  • Navigation and inspection of water bodies at low altitude
    The effect of terrain in flight
    Other concepts and maneuvers


2 hours of theory on the particularities of seaplane flight


There is no flight test or theory exam required to obtain this rating.

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