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The seaplane qualification opens a whole new world to you, giving you access to a geography otherwise difficult or not accessible.

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If you want to be able to fly above the clouds without visual reference to the ground in VFR conditions, the VFR OTT rating is what you need.

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Night flight

By choosing to do your night flight rating, you are entering a new world. You are eliminating a legal barrier that has caused a rush on your flying projects, as you are now allowed to take off or land at your destination after dark.

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for a day

This package allows you to take the controls and fly the aircraft with the guidance of a qualified instructor. The adventure begins with a half hour introductory session on the basics of flying and a guided tour of the Cessna 172. Then get ready to fly as a student pilot for a 60-minute flight. The total duration of the Pilote for a day package is 1h45. Your instructor will guide you and ensure your safety. Anyone can do it, even you!


Pilot for a day

Cessna 172


Additionnal passenger

A maximum of 2 passengers can come aboard with no additional fees.

* The above rates do not include taxes

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