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We offer our Cessna 172 on wheels for rent. Show us your current aviation documents and we will provide you with an aircraft maintained to Transport Canada standards and aesthetically pleasing for your flight.

Are you a first time customer? We welcome you! We will need to schedule a skills check flight with our instructor. The duration of this flight will depend on your experience. Contact us for details.

Go to the Our Fleet section to view our rental aircraft. We do not require a minimum block of hours, fuel is included in the rate, unless you need to refuel the aircraft at another airport. In this case, we will cover a portion of the expense.

You have a foreign license and would like to fly our aircraft? It is possible with a Foreign License Validation Certificate (FLVC) under certain conditions and reservations. See our pilots section.

Cessna 172 on wheels


/ hour

*5$/hour discount is applied with the rental of 10 hours minimum. The above rates do not include taxes

Contact us to find out the details of this check flight, we will be happy to discuss it with you.

Booking request

Continuous training

Skill development

We always know the weather we are taking off in, but we can never be sure of the weather we will be landing in.

Book a flight with our instructor to brush up on stalls, control of the aircraft in slow flight, the different phases of flight in strong winds and crosswinds for example. Or refresh your instrument flight experience. We are at your disposal to help you gain confidence and facilitate your decision making in the event of undesirable situations in flight.

Update of knowledge 24 months

In order to maintain the validity of your license or permit, every 24 months and regardless of the number of hours you have flown, it is necessary to complete a recurrent training program or review flight with an instructor. As required by Transport Canada Standard 421.05.

This update must be done 24 months from the day you obtained your most recent license or rating, or the most recent date of 24-month training of which you have proof filed in your logbook.

Are you up to date? Contact us if you need help validating it!

Flying in Quebec, Canada with a foreign license

Foreign License Validation Certificate CVLE

You wish to benefit from the privileges of your Foreign License for the duration of 12 months? This is possible if your country has an agreement with Canada, as is the case for European countries. You must apply to Transport Canada for a Private Recreational Vehicle Licence. Send a message to Transport Canada Licensing Office: with the subject line: Application for a private recreational CVLE. Then contact us to plan your flights in our beautiful region.

You wish to follow a seaplane training with or without the intention of adding the seaplane class endorsement on your foreign licence: You must apply for a CVLE - for Training with Transport Canada to perform the 5 solo take-offs and landings. Send a message to Transport Canada Licensing Office: with the subject line: Application for CVLE for Training. Then contact us to schedule your training to discover our countless lakes.

Foreign license conversion: Private pilot

If you want to convert your license to fly regularly in Canada, it may be even easier than you think. In fact, some countries have established an agreement with Canada, especially European countries. When this is the case, you must meet certain requirements to obtain the Canadian License, most of which you already have. Contact the Chief Instructor to plan your personalized steps towards obtaining your Canadian License.

Together we will see if your training meets the same requirements as a Canadian private pilot. If you are missing flight hours, we will specify the distinctions.

You will have to undergo a medical examination by an aviation physician approved by Transport Canada, there are several in France and in other European countries. (list on request).

You are considering the start of a training course, an airplane ride or the purchase of a gift certificate

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