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After a few hours of dual flight and a first theoretical exam on air regulations, you are released for a first solo flight without an instructor. Then, as a student pilot, you will perfect your flight maneuvers, in preparation for the flight test, with the guidance or under the supervision of your instructor.

This initial training covers a spectrum of maneuvers that increase flight safety. With the privileges of this Aviation License, you will have the necessary basis to fly long distances with more than one passenger on board.


According to your availability


  • Age: 17 for the flight test and 14 for the first solo flight
  • Medical certificate of category 3 or 1



A minimum of 45 hours in total, of which at least 17 hours are dual flight with an instructor, including 3 hours of travel flight and 5 hours of instrument flight.

A minimum of 12 hours alone as a student pilot without an instructor, including 5 hours of cross-country flight.


A minimum of 40 hours of ground school training is required by Transport Canada prior to writing the exam, the course covers the following subjects

  • Air law
  • Navigation
  • Meteorology
  • General Knowledge


Flight test with a Transport Canada examiner

  • The Transport Canada examiner comes to our base in La Macaza

Written theory test of 100 questions with choice of answers:

  • Computer exam
  • Score on the written exam 60%.
  • The written exam is administered at our Aero Loisirs facility in La Macaza


Aero Loisirs has partnered with the Caisses Desjardins de Rivière Rouge to finance this training. Contact us for details.

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