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Aero Loisirs' mission is to provide you with professional instruction in a personalized course. Having the ability to balance the excitement and eagerness to get your license, with the discipline and rigor of training standards; our customized approach guarantees the success of your training.

Effective professional training

The foundation of Aero Leisure is its team of skilled and committed instructors. Few instructors in the business have chosen instruction as a career path in aviation; this is the exception. This choice is reflected in the quality of the instruction.

Founded in 1993 by a dedicated instructor, the school is now managed by an owner who has been a career instructor at Aero Loisirs since 2011. Our team is meticulously made up of pilots who have made the choice to teach, which reflects on all our services.

A personalized support

The course of these training courses, studies and Transport Canada exams can be a major source of stress. Added to this, for many, are the financial constraints, the demands of employment and/or family life, not to mention the considerable challenge of returning to school for some.

Your individuality is taken into account. Our goal is to support you, to equip you well through the stages of your learning.

We adapt the instruction and the pace of the training according to :
– Your learning curve;
– your aspirations and needs;
– Your availability; whether it is limited or full-time, weekly or seasonal;
– your comfort level with academic study and textbooks
– your comfort level with the more technical aspects of flight maneuvers.

A warm setting and a family atmosphere

Aero Loisirs is a flight school where instructors, students and pilots from the region usually become friends. Aviation is a passion, it is a priority for us not to lose sight of it during the training. Seriousness and rigor of study are combined with fun and laughter.

We had a wonderful time celebrating my mom's birthday in the air. Everything was fast, well explained, and we felt safe. I would definitely recommend Aero Loisirs!

Claudia D



Caroline Farly has been an instructor at Aero Loisirs since June 2011. She has completed her Commercial Pilot License training and qualifications.

For eight years she worked with community organizations in the province, including Nunavik and the James Bay Cree Territories. In 2009, she initiated her career change, becoming a private pilot that same year and a commercial pilot the following year.

The process of transferring the company in partnership with the founder of Aero Leisure took 5 years, making Caroline Farly the sole owner in 2019. For Aero Loisirs and its team, today she acts as Chief Instructor, Class 1 Instructor, Chief Pilot, Authorized Agent, Person in charge of maintenance, and Supervisor of written exams.

The school is a complete training center, accredited for Transport Canada written exams.

Life at

Aero Loisirs

Our efforts are focused on making our instructors, pilots and students a strong and engaged community.
- A community of pilots who fly;
- Who help each other during their studies;
- Who stimulate each other through the creation of aviation projects;
- Who support each other to get their first job in aviation
or for the acquisition of the first fighter camp.

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